All Are Welcome!


Worship Services are held each Sunday morning at


9:00am with Holy Communion served on the first and


second Sunday of the month.








Welcome to


Zion Lutheran








Honoring Pastor Dawson


Please join the Zion Council in recognizing and thanking Pastor Dawson for her ministry to Zion.


Sunday, May 22, 2022


During Church Service- 


Presentation to Pastor Dawson


After Church Service-


Coffee and Fellowship


A card will be made available at the church service

Sunday, May 15, and May 22, for all, to sign.

  A gift of appreciation from the congregation will be presented to Pastor Dawson at

the May 22 church service.





Due to technical issues, we could not broadcast or record the service on May 15th, 2022.



Zion offers many opportunities for


members to become involved and


minister to others, from our famous


"Hunger Jar" to our very active Zion


Church Women (ZCW) and Our


Zion Church men's (ZMC) group will soon begin meeting again and


planning our annual fund raiser. 


Please contact the church office if interested in learning more.