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All Are Welcome!


Worship Services are held each Sunday morning at 9:00am with Holy Communion served on the first and second Sunday of the month.

Good News!


Zion is beginning to reopen for in-person worship! We will be following the recommendations of the governor, the CDC, the U of M, as well as those of our Synod.


Please click here to read the safety guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Church Council.




Watch the video of the worship service from Sunday, August 2nd here. 


To view the worship service from last week (July 26th), and from Sunday, July 19th click on "Videos". You may watch prior worship services visit Zion's YouTube channel.




Click on "Pastor's Page" to read some recent sermons.


Click on "News and Happenings" to read news and other important information presented in this months newsletter


Click on "Zion Church Women (ZCW)" to see pictures and information on another great year of quilting.

Worship at Zion


- As of June 14th, in person worship is now happening.  Please see the reopening guidelines and recommendations.

-  Worship is available for viewing Sunday mornings at 9:00am live on Facebook.  As well as on Zion's YouTube channel.


-  Daily Devotions are presented on Facebook (usually around 10:00am)


-  Bulletins can be picked up Saturdays under the portico between 10:00am and noon - no need to get out of your car, if you are unable to do the pick up, it can be mailed to you.



Zion offers many opportunities for members to become involved and minister to others, from our infamous "Hunger Jar" to our very active Zion Church Women (ZCW).  Please contact the church office if interested in learning more.