Zion Lutheran Church

Sanctuary Re-opening Guidelines and Check-List
Church Council Approval (6/10/2020)



If anyone is uncomfortable with any of these guidelines, or chooses not to follow them, we ask them to prayerfully consider protecting the congregation by worshipping at home.

The Church Council and Pastor of Zion desire to conduct worship for our community of faith in a manner safe and protective of the health for all of our members and guests.

Guiding Principles

1. If anyone has had within the past two (2) weeks any signs of cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills or signs or symptoms of the flu; please do not come to worship in-person.

2. If you are older than 65 and have any underlying health condition that pre-disposes you to illness or if you have been treated for an illness that causes a decreased immune response, please protect yourself and do not come to in-person worship.

3. Our goal as a congregation is to protect each other from contacting covid-19 virus and we are willing to take precautions to protect ourselves, each other and the community.  To this end, if our congregation becomes a source, or a person becomes a known carrier that was present in worship; the Pastor and the Church Council will take immediate steps to protect the congregation and the community.


Safety Guidelines and Recommendations

____ 1. Upon entering and leaving the church, safety stations will be set-up. Hand gel (gel in, gel out), face masks, and guidelines will be posted.

____ 2. Face masks to be worn at all times when in building. (Office persons in private space may remove masks, those on-camera may remove for voice clarity). Masks are provided for those that do not have their own. 3 years and younger do not need to comply.

____ 3. Temperature checks will be done on large group gatherings (Sunday am, greater than 10 people).

____ 4. Tables used after meetings should be wiped off with sanitzer or wipes.

____ 5. Pews, handrails, doorknobs, all touchable hand surface should be wiped down after each church service. (As of this writing we are at 50%) Doors will be propped open to decrease amount of hand touch if possible. Not all doors are fire doors.

____ 6. Drinking fountains are to be turned off.

____ 7. Bathroom commodes/urinals are to be wiped down after each use. Include signage.


____ 8. 60-70% alcohol- based hand washing soap in restrooms. Closed top trash receptacles in all areas are recommended. One at a time in restrooms.

____ 9. Social distance (6 ft.) in seated arrangements (in sanctuary and during meetings).

____10. Ventilation: constant use of fans, AC, open windows, as much as possible. Err on the side of plenty of air movement, especially in enclosed spaces. Outdoors is best for worship.  Socialization is to be outdoors.

____11. Provide physical guides such as floor markings, chair placements, arrows, to guide for space and distance. (Pews are marked and roped, directional signs, traffic flow, directions at

____12. Limit sharing of worship supplies: communion supplies, hymnals, offering plates, handing out bulletins or passing out anything. Bulletin pick-up from a basket. Offering drop-off into stationary plates. All Hymnals and Books removed.

____13. Discourage all forms of touch, usher in/out, distance in/out, hug, kiss, shake hands.

___ 14. Omited all food, drink, meals, buffet, hand-to-hand sharing, or family style.

____ 15. Notify health officials if outbreak occurs. Close facility. Wait 24 hours before disinfecting, then start comprehensive cleaning. All who have had contact with Covid+ person are to remain in quarantine and home isolation.

____ 16. Provide volunteer training for those assisting with worship leadership (using same team since closure and these will be training future volunteers, these assisted with writing guidelines as well as implementing).

____ 17. Sources vary on speaking in unison because of the potential for vapor droplets.  Wearing a mask does decrease this as does good ventilation. We do not have musical instruments right now that could add to this. Singing at a regular tone of voice and speaking in a normal tone in unison while wearing a mask and using social distance seems to be a safer compromise. As the percentage increases, or if the illness rate increases, we may need to
modify this decision.

_______ 19. Still considering the distribution of Holy Communion. Likely will be using sterile supplies like we using now, and implementing a touch-free distribution. We will resume this
practice in a couple of weeks following re-opening.